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At Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics in Tomball, Texas, our goal is to help people get a smile they can be proud of — one that is pain-free and aesthetically pleasing. We employ state-of-the-art technologies like 3D imaging and printing to create customized care for every patient who enters our office. If you’re near Northpointe Boulevard, our practice is your top choice for quality, compassionate care from a highly skilled orthodontic team.


Northpointe orthodontist office

Address: 12231 Northpointe Blvd., Tomball TX 77377

Phone: (832) 777-7001

Fax: (832) 843-7630


Office hours:
Mon – Thu: 7:40 am – 5 pm by appointment
Fri: 8 am – 4 pm by appointment

Our team

Doctors Hanigan, Johnson and Yeh employ a skilled group of assistants, coordinators, technicians and specialists that make you their top priority. We believe that sensitivity, professionalism and, most importantly, respect are the cornerstones of building a good patient-provider relationship, and we do everything we can to give each patient at our practice an exceptional, personalized experience that sets us apart.

Personalized orthodontic care

Your first step to joining us is requesting your free consultation. This appointment allows you to meet with our team and discuss your goals for treatment. We’ll examine you and develop a personalized plan that achieves your objectives while improving your overall oral health. During this visit, we’ll also talk about payment options and help you get a plan that works with your budget. Then, we’ll start your treatment.

Orthodontic services at our Northpointe Blvd. office in Tomball

The most common appliance we use for our patients is braces. The braces we offer at our office are self-ligating, meaning they can stay in place without the use of elastic ties. We offer traditional metal braces as well as clear braces made from polycrystalline alumina, a transparent material that blends in with your teeth. Clear braces are an excellent choice for teens and adults who are averse to metal braces for cosmetic reasons.

Clear aligners, a removable alternative to braces, are another option. This treatment consists of two clear trays, the aligners, that a patient wears at all times except when brushing their teeth and eating. Clear aligner trays are mostly invisible, so most people won’t even notice when someone is wearing them.

Other appliances and treatments we use in our practice include:

  • Forsus™: A smaller alternative to headgear that improves overbites and teeth fit.
  • Palatal expandersMetal appliances that widen your upper jaw over time.
  • SpacersOrthodontists use these rubber tools to push teeth far enough apart to place orthodontic bands.

Schedule your free consultation today

When you’re in Tomball, Texas, and you need to visit an orthodontist’s office, come down to Northpointe Boulevard and meet with the experts at Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics. We have remedies for nearly everything involving jaw and teeth concerns. From providing a child’s first orthodontic evaluation to assisting adults looking to improve their smile, our team is ready to help meet your needs.