Dental spacers

Caring for dental spacers

Your care routine for dental spacers is similar to other orthodontic devices. Here are some top tips for dental spacer care:

  • Avoid sticky foods that may loosen or pull out the spacer.

  • Do not tug or play with the device with the tongue or fingers.

  • Keep the appliance and teeth around it clean by brushing and flossing.

  • Visit your dentist for regular cleanings while wearing the dental spacer.

Why choose Hanigan & Johnson for dental spacers?

Hanigan & Johnson can install and maintain spacers for kids’ teeth in Tomball, Montgomery and Magnolia, Texas. When you visit us, we’ll treat you according to the golden rule — respect, professionalism and sensitivity. We’ll ensure your child feels comfortable when they visit us and encourage healthy oral care for a long-lasting smile. At your first consultation, we will assess your child’s mouth and their need for dental spacers. Then we’ll do what we can to deliver a brand new smile at a price that’s accessible to you.