Clear aligners

Clear aligners in Tomball, Magnolia, & Montgomery

Clear aligners for teeth are one of the most effective, discreet and convenient ways to achieve a straighter smile. The expert orthodontic team at Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics offers clear aligners in Tomball, Magnolia, and Montgomery, Texas, for patients of all ages.

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How do clear aligners work?

Our Tomball, Magnolia and Montgomery clear teeth aligners are a nearly invisible braces alternative for kids, teens and adults.

Clear aligners, made popular by the Invisalign® system, involve a series of plastic trays designed to fit comfortably onto your teeth and make precise movements in your teeth to straighten them over time.

Our customized clear aligner treatment plans

When it comes to getting straighter teeth, you have two goals.

  1. To choose the right orthodontic team that will offer personalized service.
  2. To work with your chosen orthodontist to determine a treatment plan that will work best for your unique circumstances.

When you pursue orthodontic treatment in Tomball, Magnolia or Montgomery, Texas, with clear aligners at Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics, you’ll go through a four-step process that works toward your or your child’s ideal smile. We offer clear aligners for children, teenagers and adults.

  1. 1


    We’ll bring you in for a free consultation where one of our orthodontists in Tomball, Magnolia or Montgomery will determine if clear aligners are a good choice for you. The orthodontic consultation process is always open and collaborative to ensure you find the best treatment for your needs.

  2. 2


    After determining clear aligners are the right fit, we’ll capture a 3D image of your mouth using the latest computer technology. This model will help us build the ideal version of your smile and mold aligner trays that gradually move you closer to a straight smile.

  3. 3


    You’ll wear your aligners for roughly 22 hours daily and switch to the next set of aligners approximately every two weeks. You’ll visit us for a check-in appointment every eight to 10 weeks to monitor your progress.

  4. 4


    After completing your clear aligner treatment, we’ll send you home with a retainer that preserves your new smile. Your doctor will provide instructions for how and when to wear your retainer.

How much do clear aligners cost in Texas?

Clear aligner costs in Tomball, Magnolia and Montgomery, Texas, will vary depending on numerous factors, including your unique orthodontic needs and goals and whether your dental insurance covers clear aligners. At your complimentary consultation, our team can provide the cost of clear aligners for your specific case. At Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics, we work to ensure affordable clear aligner treatment and offer several flexible payment options to help you get treatment that suits your budget.

Why choose Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics for clear aligner treatment?

Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics is among the top providers of clear aligners in Tomball, Magnolia and Montgomery, Texas. You should feel comfortable with and confident in your orthodontist. Our doctors and team provide high-tech services for all patients and their families. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to any orthodontic case. Instead, we use our years of experience to recommend the most suitable solutions to give you or your loved one a dazzling smile. Compassionate care is at the heart of our core values, so you can always count on us to make you feel at home. We work closely with patients to ensure their clear aligner treatment provides noticeable results that last.

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Getting started with clear aligners near you is as easy as visiting one of our orthodontic offices in Tomball, Magnolia or Montgomery for a free consultation appointment. Whether you have struggled with crooked teeth for a few years or decades, we’ll perform a thorough examination and suggest an orthodontic treatment plan based on your needs. Even if you aren’t sure you’re a candidate for invisible braces, we invite you to come in and get an expert opinion.