Woodforest office

Our family orthodontists in Montgomery, Texas, specialize in treating the jaw, mouth and straightening teeth. At Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics, we offer affordable orthodontic treatment in Montgomery to help our patients obtain a smile they feel confident in. In addition to our Woodforest, Montgomery, Texas, office, we have offices in Tomball on Quinn Road and Northpointe Boulevard and in Magnolia, Texas.

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Woodforest orthodontist office

Address: 760 Fishcreek Thoroughfare, Montgomery, TX 77316

Phone: (936) 534-9636

Office hours:
Mon – Thu: 7:40 am – 5 pm by appointment
Fri: 8 am – 4 pm by appointment

Our Montgomery orthodontic specialists and team

Our Montgomery orthodontists, Dr. Hanigan, Dr. Johnson and Dr. Yeh, lead our dedicated team of assistants, technicians, coordinators and specialists. Each member of our team prioritizes each patient’s comfort and satisfaction. We believe in treating each patient and person with respect, sensitivity and professionalism. When you visit our Montgomery orthodontics practice, you’ll experience personalized service and orthodontic treatment that meets your needs.

Our personalized treatment process

Your first visit to our Montgomery orthodontist office in the Woodforest neighborhood is always free. During this consultation appointment, we’ll discuss your unique concerns and goals and determine if orthodontic treatment is needed. We understand that each of our patients is as unique as their smile, so each treatment is tailored for you! We’ll also review our financing options and find a payment plan that suits your or your family’s needs. From there, we will schedule future appointments and begin your orthodontic treatment.

Our Montgomery orthodontic treatments

Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics offers a wide range of orthodontic treatments and braces in Montgomery, Texas, designed to help you love your smile, including:

  • Metal braces: Our metal braces in Montgomery are self-ligating, meaning we can secure them without elastic ties. Self-ligating braces help speed up orthodontic treatment and ensure your comfort during treatment.
  • Clear braces: We also offer clear braces in Montgomery. Made from a transparent, ceramic material that blends in with your teeth, clear braces ensure more discreet orthodontic treatment than traditional metal braces.
  • Clear aligners: Clear aligner treatment includes a series of two transparent, removable trays (aligners) that gradually straighten your teeth over time. Our Montgomery clear aligners are our most invisible braces option and are suitable for patients of all ages.

Other orthodontic treatments we offer include:

  • Forsus™: An alternative to more extensive orthodontic headgear, this small tool attaches to braces and can correct overbites, jaw alignment and teeth fit.
  • Palatal expanders: Our Montgomery family orthodontists use this device to make room for your teeth by expanding your upper jaw.
  • Spacers: When you need more space between the teeth for your orthodontic appliance, these rubber bands help push your teeth apart.

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Looking for the best orthodontist near you? Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics is the ideal choice for an orthodontist in Montgomery, Texas. Our state-of-the-art orthodontic technology, such as 3D printing and iTero digital scanners, ensures a quick and effective treatment process. If you want to improve your smile with adult orthodontics in Montgomery or are looking for braces for kids or teens in the Woodforest neighborhood, Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics is here to help. Our practice treats patients of all ages, and we are excited for you to join our patient family. Schedule your complimentary consultation today to get started!