Clear aligners for kids

Clear aligners for kids in Tomball, Magnolia, and Montgomery

According to the American Association of Orthodontics, children should begin seeing an orthodontist at age 7. Starting early can help prevent more costly or invasive treatments down the line.

Clear aligners for kids is a Phase 1 treatment designed with children’s oral health in mind. Your child’s teeth and jaws are still developing, meaning it’s easier to shift the teeth into a more functional position. Once your child reaches maturity, the changes clear aligners made will remain firmly intact!

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Is your child a good candidate for clear aligners?

If your child is experiencing teeth crowding, spacing, a crossbite, overbite or underbite, clear aligners might be the perfect solution. Teeth move quickly as they grow in, too. Fortunately, even children who still have their baby teeth are eligible for clear aligners. From the ages of 6-12, children will have a mixture of primary and adult teeth. That’s okay — all we need to do is create a new aligner as your child’s primary teeth fall out.

Apart from immediate oral health concerns, your child might be a good candidate for clear aligners if they don’t want to go the traditional route with wire braces. Unlike conventional braces, clear aligners are comfortable and easy to remove for important events like picture day!

How clear aligner treatment works

First, we’ll make a mold of the patient’s teeth and upper palate to create a custom, clear plastic aligner. Like traditional braces, clear aligners gradually shift teeth into the desired position over time. However, rather than adjusting fixed wire braces attached to the teeth, we create new plastic aligners for the patient to replace every few weeks.

With clear aligners, we can adjust teeth horizontally and vertically. We can even rotate teeth if necessary.

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