Self-Ligating Metal Braces in Tomball, Magnolia, Northpointe & Woodforest

Self-Ligating Metal Braces in Tomball and Magnolia
Self-ligating metal braces are an excellent option to improve your smile. These orthodontic devices straighten your teeth more efficiently and comfortably than traditional braces.

Instead of using elastics to attach the archwire to your brackets, self-ligating braces brackets clip on the archwire. This approach allows the wire to move more freely, correcting the teeth faster and reducing discomfort.

Our doctors at Hanigan & Johnson are experts at installing self-ligating braces for a great experience and a beautiful smile. We help you get straighter teeth in no time!

Who’s a Good Fit for Self-Ligating Braces?

Almost anyone — including adults and seniors — can use self-ligating metal braces. Once children lose most of their baby teeth and have many of their adult teeth, usually between 7 and 14, they can use these orthodontic devices.

Self-ligating braces can fix alignment and bite issues, from underbites and overbites to teeth crowding. These devices also offer:

  • Efficiency: In addition to adjusting teeth faster, self-ligating metal braces require fewer office visits. Instead of making frequent appointments to replace your elastic bands, you’ll only have to visit our office for us to ensure your teeth are moving correctly.
  • Comfort: Self-ligating brackets let the archwire move as the teeth shift into place, applying less pressure and making the process more comfortable than traditional braces.
  • Subtlety: The brackets and wires for these devices are smaller and more discreet than conventional options.

Self-Ligating Braces Treatment Plans
Self-Ligating Braces Treatment Plans

At Hanigan & Johnson, our orthodontists will design a personalized self-ligating braces treatment plan to meet your dental needs. While the time you need braces may vary, our predictable treatment plan follows several steps:

  • Assessment: Our first step is to see you in person for an initial consultation. We’ll cover everything you need to know in this appointment, from how we plan to straighten your smile to our flexible payment options.
  • Installation: Next up, it’s installation day. We’ll attach metal brackets to your teeth and insert a flexible archwire to start the treatment process. There are two kinds of self-ligating brackets — active and passive. We will often use the smaller and thinner passive brackets first, then switch to thicker active brackets that deliver a little more pressure to align your teeth faster.
  • Check-ins: We’ll set up appointments with you throughout the treatment to monitor your progress. These visits only have to happen every few weeks and take less time than traditional braces, which require elastics replacements.
  • Completion: Once your orthodontist is pleased with the results, you’re finished! We’ll remove your self-ligating braces, and you’ll have a smile that you love.

Cost of Self-Ligating Braces

Self-ligating braces cost about as much as traditional metal braces, so you can experience their benefits for the same price. Prices will vary based on your unique treatment. We offer affordable payment plans at Hanigan & Johnson to provide the perfect smile while staying within your budget.

Choose Hanigan & Johnson for Your Orthodontic Needs

For an orthodontic office in the Tomball, Magnolia, Northpointe, and Woodforest, Texas, areas, look no further than Hanigan & Johnson. Our team of orthodontists offers self-ligating metal braces that help you achieve a beautiful smile. Call us at 281-351-5482 today for more information or to book your free initial consultation!