Clear Teeth Aligners

When it comes to getting straighter teeth, you have two goals. The first is to choose the right orthodontic team that will offer personalized service. The second is to work with your chosen orthodontist to determine a treatment plan that will work best for your unique circumstances.

For teens and adults, clear teeth aligners offer an aesthetically pleasing and practical way to comfortably move teeth over time. In fact, “invisible braces,” also known as clear aligners become more popular each year.

What Do Clear Teeth Aligners Fix?

Part of the reason people appreciate invisible aligners is that they can fix many common types of orthodontic concerns. For instance, some patients come to orthodontists because their teeth are crowded or have gaps. Invisible braces can help them by moving the teeth together or apart as necessary.

Invisible aligners can help to move teeth that have twisted, too. Bringing a crooked or imperfectly placed tooth into a better position can make a significant impact. It can also reduce problems associated with crooked teeth, such as trouble flossing, brushing or even speaking clearly.

Bite problems and misalignments can also be addressed through the use of invisible teeth aligners. Sometimes, other devices may be used in tandem to improve the overall effectiveness of the treatment regimen.

All-in-all, the majority of orthodontic cases tend to respond well to the application of invisible teeth aligners.

What Are Some Advantages to Using Invisible Aligners?

When it comes to patient benefits, invisible aligners offer best-of-best advantages. Consider their discrete nature, for one. When you’re wearing invisible braces, you aren’t advertising to the world that you’re straightening your teeth. Additionally, invisible teeth aligners can be removed for eating and oral hygiene. This means you can continue eating all your favorite foods and enjoy a more convenient cleaning regime.

Invisible braces cost about the same amount as traditional braces that use brackets. Therefore, selecting clear teeth aligners doesn’t increase the overall amount of orthodontic treatment by much. In addition to the basic savings, getting invisible aligners means fewer trips to the orthodontist. Saving time and gas means even more money in your pocket.

Why Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics?

You should feel comfortable with and confident in your orthodontist. At Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics, our doctors and team provide high-touch, high-tech services for all patients and their families. We never take a cookie-cutter approach to any orthodontic case. Instead, we use our years of experience to recommend the most suitable solutions to give you or your loved one a dazzling smile.

Learn More About Invisible Braces

Whether you have struggled with crooked teeth for a few years or a few decades, take a few moments and make an appointment with us. We’ll perform an examination and suggest an orthodontic treatment plan based on your needs. Even if you aren’t sure you’re a candidate for invisible braces, we invite you to come in and get an expert opinion.

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