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Invisalign Teen in Tomball, Magnolia, Northpointe, and Woodforest

While your teen wants straighter teeth, they may dread getting braces. As a parent, we understand it’s one of your goals to ease their burdens — even if it’s something as simple as finding an alternative to metal braces that affect their involvement in sports or music.

Instilling confidence in your child while helping them continue life as normal becomes a bit easier with a set of clear, plastic Invisalign aligners! Learn more about the Invisalign options from Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics today.

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Is Your Teen a Good Fit for Invisalign?

Your teen may be a good fit for Invisalign depending on their unique dental situation. Generally, if your teen has most of their adult teeth, they’ll likely qualify for Invisalign aligners. Invisalign might also be an excellent fit for your teen if they’re concerned about:

  • Aesthetics: If your teenager is worried about wires and brackets because of how they’ll look — especially in pictures — then Invisalign is a discreet, convenient option that lets them continue smiling with confidence.
  • Comfort: If discomfort is a significant concern, Invisalign’s smooth, lightweight plastic is flexible enough that they won’t notice the aligner after they’ve become used to wearing them.
  • Convenience: Whether it’s a sports game, a recital or lunchtime, your teenager can easily take out their aligners for up to two hours per day without affecting treatment.

A teenager concerned about changing their bite or smile before heading off to college could also benefit from Invisalign. Since teens grow so rapidly, their teeth move quickly — that’s why treatment times are often shorter for them than for adults. Teenagers typically see results from their aligners in a few months and finish orthodontic treatment in a few short years.

How Invisalign Teen Works

Invisalign Teen works similarly to Invisalign for adults. First, we take a mold of your teenager’s mouth to create their first plastic aligner set. We make a new aligner they’ll swap out for the old one every few weeks. As we update their aligners, you’ll tangibly see how their bite has changed!

However, the key difference between adult and teen Invisalign aligners is a small, blue dot on the back of the teen aligner. As these aligners are removable, they’re tempting to take out. The faded blue dot lets us know if your teen has been wearing the aligners for the recommended amount of time for the most effective treatment possible.

Trust Hanigan & Johnson Orthodontics for Your Teen’s Care

We understand the desire for quality, premier care and clinical excellence when it comes to orthodontic treatment for your loved ones, especially if they’re nervous about starting their smile transformation. We’ll be with you and your teen each step of the way. It’s our sincerest desire to provide an outstanding patient experience to all of our patients. Our friendly family of professionals is ready to welcome your teen into the Hanigan & Johnson family.

Is your teen ready to begin their journey to a healthier, more confident smile? Contact us today to request an appointment and get started!

Invisalign Instructional Video

Dr. Johnson explains everything you need to know about wearing your Invisalign aligners.